Friday, July 24, 2009

Fan Jinghua: Morning Song

   Morning Song

When the wheat is pregnant by April wind,
The cloudlets are carp-scales on a topaz beach.
In the awns of morning rays the wheat comes into ears
And every spike is emitting the warmth of last night.
On the riverbank, reed roots rise to knees,
Some reedhead-like duck tails grow on the water,
And a few white geese are flapping wings as if to parade.
Tender leaves on the elm are still edible,
Along your garden, day-lilies are green like young cattails,
But the fennels are holding high their oilpaper umbrellas.
In a morning like this, I follow a cow like walking a pet in the early evening,
For two weeks, I have passed your threshing ground once and again.

With a throw of water, you pop into my sight, a basin in hand,
Like a pip-up by the gate, your apologetic greeting plump like your breasts,
And a smoke of white dust rises in the orange sunlight.
Oh, Lass, I do like a bowl of porridge from your caldron,
And it would be a regale to have an egg for fried elm leaves.
But the clapping of aspens cannot drown the sirens of outbound buses,
And I see distinctly I am standing in another foggy morning
Under this elm, with a wheeled portmanteau like a cow ruminating,
While your farewells are as bright as this morning’s hello.
Where I will be again, there are crowded breasts, bold but cold,
And I am not to look at faces, and no morning air
Will be so statically vibrant and saturated with cool warmth.
The scarlet clouds at nightfall will be appetizing like a sweet-and-sour fried fish,
And a dog meets another dog by the street, sniffing each other’s tail.
                  April 18, 2006


四月的早晨 天空的沙滩上
麦芒似的阳光下 麦子在孕穗
河岸上芦竹及膝 水面栽着几只芦花鸭的屁股
菜畦上 黄花菜也还只是一行嫩蒲似的翠绿
这样的早晨 我牵着一头老牛像陪着宠物在初夜散步

随着一盆洗脸水 你闪出院门
妹子 我真愿意从你的锅里喝一碗早粥
我又一次走过这棵榆树 拖着长轮子的旅行箱
回到满街招摇而生硬的乳房丛中 不看眼睛不看脸
而陌生的狗在马路边相遇 闻一闻彼此的屁股

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