Thursday, March 19, 2009

Xiao Maxian: Paradise Lost

  Paradise Lost
    by Xiaomaxian Wang Shasha


  Paradise Lost
        By Xiao Ma Xian (Wang Shasha) tr. Fan Jinghua
I like you to bend and see you change into something beyond recognition
You watch me stealthily from a tree—awaking me
Crowning me a rose-wreath, and letting desires burn my cheeks
Then, the world takes a new look, and I am
A post-enraptured woman
        March 17, 2009

My postscript 译后赘言:

     The evil, dangerous and ecstatic
  You love something. You love to extremities. The idolized can never remain straight and commonplace. You love its potentials to startle and stone and stun you, and yes, it has already had the inclination but you are prepared for more, fiercer and crueler. You learn and enjoy the beauty in your want for more.
  Your instincts lurk, ready to jump on the lurking ones and snatch them. You can be patient by chewing the memory of once or the imagination of the future one, like a review as well as a rehearsal; you fuel your own desires like accumulating the pieces of a dying idol; your last resort is to tease out the chance by stripping yourself piece by piece, and you know, to keep the play going, you must have the magic power to always have yet another “last one.”
  The award is not the prize, but the reward effected by and upon the “me” in you, the “me” that acts in spite of you, the “me” that defies you to make you love it. At the end of the show, when the curtains have to fall, you realize that all the others had not existed at all. The only one is and has always been the “me” alone with you and in you. No more encore except for the afterglow.
  The primal paradise is where the primitive takes place, for only once, while the paradise lost is a new paradise that is incorporated with memory. Nothing happened will pass. Therefore, the integrated paradise provides the possibility to re-live. This is better than eternity.


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