Monday, October 6, 2008

Fan Jinghua: Suburban Pagoda

   Suburban Pagoda

Its primitive location attracts the city-dwellers
Its modern reputation attracts tourists from afar
No antiquely simple structure, not a contemporary spectacle
Its tender white and slender shape contrast abrupt against the dark green mountain
Its ground is encircled by a stream that also serves as a drain nurturing no fish

People hurry into the bell-like inside, adjusting their vision in the dark
The center is an iron column holding a winding stair
Some walk out on every layer, only to find the views have not much difference
Some climb at one breath to the top, non-stop, like a fish through fins and tails
Forgetting itself until they reach the air hanging from the spire
Roads are ejaculated from the root through the woods into the edgeless distance
People hold up their heads and look into the horizon, lost in the encroaching mist

The nine-storied pagoda stands alone in long solitude and turbulences
A sculpture of nobody is remembered as a pagoda with a name and a shape
                      Oct 25, 1997


        Linggu (Spirit Valley) Pagoda in Nanjing, China

这原始的座落吸引闲暇的人 这不原始的名声吸引远方的来客
这造型不算古朴 风景不算现代
柔嫩的白色 瘦削的身影 突兀于墨绿的山峦
那小溪还是一条排水沟 没有鱼

有人匆匆走进塔身 在那一钵幽暗中调整视差 辨别着方向
塔的中心 一级级石阶依偎着一根颀长的石柱 螺旋上升
有人走上每一层塔肩了望 闹哄哄的结论总是相同
有人扶着那石柱作不间歇的旋转 不作停留 象一尾鱼穿过上上下下的人
忘了自己 直到塔尖 看塔根射出的路 穿过树林没入远处
目光从俯瞰到眺望 也消失一片迷茫中
喘息稍定 才知道登塔的全部似乎就是不停的游弋


    Linggu Pagoda (Spirit Valley Pagoda) in Snow, Nanjing, China

 This was originally inspired by the nine-storied pagoda on the eastern suburb of Nanjing, China. The pagoda was built in 1931 to commemorate the KIAs in the Northern Expedition of Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomingtang) by Republic of China (by Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek).

    Winding Stairs of Linggu (Spirit Valley) Pagoda in Nanjing, China


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