Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Fan Jinghua: Gorgon Plant Pond

   Gorgon Plant Pond

Waking up but knowing not which part
Wakes first, the leaves of gorgon plant glaze
Stubbornly on the surface
As shields and hearts.
The pond is full of their bodies
Or their body is full with a pond, from which
Shoots of numbness are the absolute
Tangibility. Oh, those cock heads with pricks!
Their previous life blooms, in warm smoke of pale purple
Floating as the breath of the underwater
Stems, invisible but positive.
All the greenness expands within the pond
For the pond, endorsed by dark purple
Shrouding the water.
           June 25, 2008


醒来 却不知道哪儿先醒 鸡头莲的叶子
泛着僵硬的腊光 以盾牌或心粘着水面 
池塘挤满了我的身体或者我被池塘挤满 一种麻木
沉实而确凿 举着多刺的鸡头状浆果 而在此之前
你已经将温暖开成淡紫的水晶花 在于不在之中
我的绿色都向着你 将深紫藏在背后 覆盖着池水

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