Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cao Shuying: Longie

   From “The Numerous Life Styles of Longie”
               Cao Shuying tr. Fan Jinghua
I: Longie

Little Genie Sr.:
 My boyfriend’s penis is called Longie, after the auspicious wish for Longevity.
 No one has ever mistreated it, but it escaped one day.
 That was on a crowded bus, on a summer day, and the sordid smell of sweat was beyond words. Suddenly, a darkish red gadget flew out of the window. It was Longie! We saw it, its neck stretched, bouncing across the busy road, dodging taxis, buses, and bicycles. When it finally reached the other side of the road, it jumped several times. Protesting? Bidding farewell? We were all stupefied with shock! Before we came to our senses, numerous gadgets of its kind had already flown out of the windows! The whole bus of people were howling, and every man was dying to free their hands on the iron rails to have a touch of their trousers, but the bus was far too crowded. The road was jammed with penises of all sizes and shapes, and they were rubbing each other, dillydallying across the street. While the drivers could not see them, we were all dumbfounded at those bustling fleshy sticks. They were bouncy and jumpy, as if calling Longie and asking it to wait for them, or they were just in a riot or celebration, or they were coughing, drunk, or reclaiming the universe…
 “Longie, Longie…” but we could not spot out which among the penises is it.
                             Feb. 2006 (?)

                          2006年2月 (?)

About the poet:Cao Shuying was born in 1979 in Hei Long Jiang Province (the northeastern part of China) and educated in Beijing University. She obtained a BA from Chinese Department and an MA in Comparative Literature. Her published books include Puppets on Strings (poetry), Cornel Box (Golden Flower Box) (poetry), Fishing with Humi Cat (children) and Tales from Bitter Bodhi Bay (children). She now lives in Hong Kong as a freelancer.

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