Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fan Jinghua: Love Before This Life

  Love Before This Life

    For what more miserable than a miserable being
    who commiserates not himself; weeping the death
    of Dido for love to Aeneas, but weeping not his own
    death for want of love to Thee, O God.
              --St Augustine, The Confessions
That is a root thrusting through a wall and growing into a warm knot
The elements from the earth ferment into an aphrodisiac
The two arms that embrace you are broken sharp at your armpits
And two wings develop out of your shoulder blades
Your flight arcs along the sunlit surface of the wind
The glimpse of Aeneas who cloaks in golden and looks into the beyond
Strikes like a lightening, and you are a woman of stone from a stone tower
Eyes and mouth agape, wings rusty, wing-flapping turning into a glide
You nose down at the plaza of his chest and a havoc of dust
Rises to relate his heroic deeds
           As night steals into night, the only other is snoring
All the majestic stirrings and risings settled, and you linger in moonlight
No woman working before the loom tonight
The buzz of locusts oozes from the nostrils of a wooden horse
It is the phobia from your maidenhood, and it is this
That drove you away from the man always squat in thought
Later, you revved up along the runway of his sight, took off
And retracting your legs…
   …When Aeneas’s sword flashes like a wind above your collarbones
You jerk against the blade and in the nick of time
See the man at the center of a crossing, body transparent
Blood gurgling off his heart as if from your neck
A vast shadow masses behind him into an ever-stretching wall
   …He remains a container, self-warming with interlocking pipes
                Nov. 24-25 2007



那是捅破了墙的根茎 温柔在摇篮里
地气被凝聚 发酵成催化剂 你的脊背
长出翅膀 你飞翔了
飞翔 瞥见伊尼阿斯的背影
啊 他披着金色 坚毅地盯着远方
翅膀僵硬 滑翔式地俯冲
撞击他胸膛的广场 一阵烟尘
一切壮举消停 你徘徊于残月下 不闻机杼声
沿着他目光的跑道滑行 起飞 收起双腿
…… ……
你绝然逆风转身 在那一霎那的回顾中
那男人依然坐在十字路口的中央 身体透明
心 代替你的颈项 汩汩地涌出热血
一大片阴影在他背后的地平线上聚集 上升 如无限的墙

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