Monday, October 22, 2007

CEN Shen: Mountain House in Spring

  CEN Shen: Mountain House in Spring (No.2 of the Two)

Over Liang Garden, the sun is setting, crows flying chaotic;
From the desolate sight one can only spot three or two houses.
The courtyard trees do not learn that no people will come back,
As the spring falls they are still sprouting the same old flowers.


《山Mountian 房house 春spring 事matter》
梁Liang 园Garden 日sun 暮dusk 乱chaotic 飞fly 鸦crow
极extreme 目sight 萧条desolate 三three 两two 家home
庭courtyard 树tree 不no 知know 人people 去go 尽empty
春spring 来come 还again 发sprout 旧old 时time 花flower

About the Poet:
CEN Shen (Ca. 715-770) was a high Tang poet, famous for his 边塞诗 frontier quatrain, paired with GAO Shi (716-765) as the Two Frontier Poets.

Liang Garden, also called Bamboo Garden, was an imperial garden built by Prince Xiao 梁孝王from West Han (the Former Han) 西汉Dynasty (202BC-8 AD) in the princedom of Liang (modern Henan Province). The Prince had been the patron of many eminent poets of the time and feasted them in the garden.

  A Painting Based on CEN Shen's Poem from Complete Painting Manual [自习花谱大全]

GAO Shi’s The Ruined Terrace (tr. Stephen Owen)

When long ago Liang’s prince was in his glory,
Among his guests were many men of talent.
And now remote, across a thousand years,
There are only the ruins of his high terrace.
In utter silence I face the autumn grasses,
And a sad wind comes from a thousand miles.

GAO Shi: Ten Poems Written in Songzhong (No.1)

梁Liang 王Prince 昔once 全full 盛flourish
宾guest 客visitor 复repeatedly 多much 才talent
悠long 悠long 一one 千thousand 年years
陈old 迹traces 唯only 高high 台terrace
寂silent 寞lonely 向toward 秋autumn 草grass
悲sad 风wind 千thousand 里mile 来come



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