Monday, October 22, 2007

Fan Jinghua: Light and Color of Home

   Light and Color of Home

All the balloons of luxury are punctured
The leaves hurry on down from their temporary habitats on the height
Like confetti showering the vertical shoulder of bachelorhood

In the yard, moonlight is clean and cricket chirping sounds like razors
When clouds drag away, noisiness of half the sky is emptied
Tonight’s door drops its latches on the ground behind

Home invites like a cave, unfathomable, and a bed lies firmly in the deep
If you have already bared your body by now, there should be a pile of light
Hovering mutely and denying my naked eyes, the solid white I’ll hold into my body
           Oct. 19-20, 2007



院子里 月光明净 蛩声清厉
云朵拖曳而去时 半空的热闹被腾空了
今夜的门 将门闩泄落在背后的暗地

家 洞开着深不可测的热情 一张床稳稳地躺在深处
如果此刻你已脱光 应该有一堆肉眼难以看见的光
幽幽地浮着 那可以被抱进身体的实在的白

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