Monday, September 24, 2007

Fan Jinghua: Stillness


Sitting on the bathtub. The folding door behind
Is half folded, the turn window beyond
Is half turned. The tub is half filled
With sunlight. On the sill a pot in the backlight
Is a blackish solid. A cluster of leaves,
Translucent green, snuggles under a puffy scarlet.
Beneath my sole, water sends up a coolness
That rises to the dry instep of my sock and up;
This poetry book has a silvery grey cover,
And a dark tree comes out of fog on the garden of a manor.
The epigraph to the poem entitled "Marina" reads:
Quis hic locus, quae region, quae mundi plaga?
It starts: What seas what shores what grey rocks and what islands…
The water faucet drops a clear lapping sound
That periodizes my trance.
              September 18, 2007


坐在浴缸上 身侧的折叠门
折叠一半 推拉窗推开
一半 浴缸盛了半池阳光
窗台上一只小瓦盆 在逆光中
实实在在的黛黑 一簇半透明的叶子
绿茸茸的 拥着一朵蓬松的红花
我的脚底 水的凉意上升 洇湿棉袜干爽的脚面
而这本诗集的封面上 一颗树
站在银灰色的雾里 远处有一座白塔
题为Marina的诗篇 有拉丁文的题记
Quis hic quae region quae mundi plaga?
然后还是一个问句 什么海什么滩什么灰岩什么岛……


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