Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mao Pang: Dawn of the New Year

Today is the Eve of Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year), and I translate one classic Chinese ci-poem (song lyrics) and wish everyone who comes to visit me here a happy and prosperous Year of the Rabbit (2011).


[宋song (dynasty)]毛Mao (surname) 滂Pang (given name)
一one 年year滴drip 尽over 莲lotus 花flower漏waterclock
碧bluish green 井well 屠苏a kind of herb沉sink冻iced酒wine
晓morning 寒chillness 料峭cold尚still 欺bully 人people
春spring 态manner 苗条slender 先first 到come 柳willow
佳beautiful人people 重once and again 劝urge 千thousand 长寿longevity
柏cypress叶leave椒pepper花flower 芬sweet 翠bright green袖sleeve
醉drunken 乡country 深deep处place 少few 相each other知know
只only与with东君East Lord (the Sun) 偏to lean故旧old friend

My translation:
   Dawn of the New Year
     (to the Tune of Spring Befalling the Jade Pavilion)
        [Song Dynasty] Mao Pang (1061?-?)
Another year is dripping to its end on the Lotus Water-clock,
My favorite herbal wine kept deep in the green well.
While the cold winter air is still bullying people,
The spring has been badgering with the willows with its light manners.
My women urge me to drink more of the tonic,
Their bright-patterned sleeves fanning out its aroma of cypress and pepper.
In the realm of wine and poetry, I have few bosom friends,
And the sun may be the only visitor as if like my own kith and kin.

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Anonymous said...

Good work with the translation. Hoping the new year is a happy one for you. 祝你新年快乐!