Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fan Jinghua: Parting at Dusk

  Parting at Dusk
         (For C after a long chat)
Dusk finds us in a sight narrower than day’s landscape
Which, saturated with our gaze, grows darkly polychromatic.
One bird shriek, plummeting long after its flash,
Like a sword bayonet thrusts into a rugged fruit stand.
A whistle is calling you from an invisible street
Through the mobile phone to a crossing or pick-up point,
And in a fat denim shoulder bag you take home
A whole day’s minuet of sun. But, by the ajar door
You will stand, slowly arranging your hair, collar and skirt,
And then bend to take away the hooks of a weeping love grass
And dust off your shoes with a facial tissue.
Your lowered upper body will receive the cool air from the car,
And the other part, facing my direction, is sparkling on the skin,
The tableau of your last posture left in the dusk.
            June 22, 2008


被我们的眼神浸染了一整天 向晚的景物
开始低伏 大面积地浓郁而浑厚
只有一声鸟鸣 凌厉 铮亮
去一个路口或者搭客点 从那儿归家
跳了一天小步舞的阳光 没再转身
而在那微开的车门前 你将侧立 慢慢整理
从头发到衣领到裙摆 然后弯腰
摘掉几颗知风草的种子 用面纸掸拂鞋面的灰尘
你的上半身便会开始接受冷气的吹袭 另一半
朝着我的方向 依然 有细汗渗着热气
留下最后一个姿态 在这黄昏

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