Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fan Jinghua: Projectile


As if it is only one restful night at my mom’s
A week of unscheduled timeslots overlapped
For meals, familial chitchats, ramblings about the house
And gawking anything in the eyeshot without seeing…
I do not sleepwalk
But upon return it is many years between
My eyes and yours
(All the winglets have gone from your summer dress
Small arcs scattered like broken parentheses of smiles
Enclosing nothing to imply the multi-plies of time)
As clouds drift away from the water where we skin dive
Any rock may sit like a challenge and set our ears perking like a bunny
Even the stark skeletons by a plague-infected glade will take time
To send a hovering hawk into the orbit of a coma
          Nov. 9, 2007

犹如回到乡下 在妈妈的关照下过了几天
吃饭 拉家常 转来转去
呆呆地盯着进入视野的一切 却什么也没看见……
而当四目相遇时 我们的眼前隔着很多年
(你夏衣上的那些小翅膀不见了 碎花小小的弧线
像杂乱的括号 无法包容时间之外的意蕴
没有自然组合的一对对 微笑的嘴唇)
任何一块石头都能挑衅我们的专注 令我们耳朵竖起 像兔子
盘旋的老鹰仍然目光犹疑 不忍拐入彗星义无反顾的轨道

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