Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fan Jinghua: To Speak Something

This is a poem rewritten on the preceding one entitled "Jargon"

  To Speak Something
What we fantasize haunts us like eternity we are even unaware
Of this love sadness is a cohabitant life doesn’t necessitate
The mating of soul love is its one-time sexual partner
To please and to be pleased are to blow solitude into the balloons
Of our body to make ourselves bloated and
To echo the emptiness when we tap each other
A one should be a sure solo I stand in my shadow you take up yours
Nobody could enter another body with the body only
And leaves its shadow behind in its own bedroom
Even for an innocent nonpregnant woman I am a lowly Tartuffe
Accustomed to hypocrisy mental erection is intense and tries hard
To turn the direction of the penis but this is like a pregnant woman
Who is allergic to semen and shy to become immunized
Through accumulative contact without penetration


那是我们幻想着的 永恒永远萦回不去 我们甚至毫不自知
这样爱着 于是忧伤与爱情同居 而生活却不要求两情相悦
爱只是它的性伴侣 悦人与悦己 都只是将孤独
吹入我们皮囊的气球 令我们时时饱满 轻叩还传来空荡荡的回音
一个一个人本该形单影只 我占据着我的影子 你占据你的
我们谁都无法只带着肉身走进另一个人 将影子留在自己的卧房
即使在一个优雅的未孕妇看来 我也已恶俗不堪
习惯于虚伪 因而将自己的有心无胆镀成一种美德
要想免疫 其实只需要经常接触那液体 但不要插入式性爱

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