Sunday, October 28, 2007

JIANG Jie: Listening to Rain

   Listening to Rain
 To the Tune of “The Beautiful Lady Yu”
            by JIANG Jie

When I was a lad, I listened to rain on the pleasure quarters,
Red candles muddled the gauze curtains.
When I matured into my prime, I listened to rain in a faraway boat,
The water was broad, the clouds were low
While wild geese cried in the west wind.

And now I listened to rain under the roof of a monk’s cottage,
Hair on my temples gray like star-stained.
All the emotions of sorrow and joy are inevitably inconsiderate,
I can do nothing about the rain that drips on the doorsteps toward daybreak.

About the author:
JIANG Jie (ca. 1245-1301), style name 竹山zhushan (bamboo hill) was a Song Dynasty poet and a native of Yixing Jiangsu (now famous for the purple clay pottery). Although he passed the imperial examination of during Gong Emperor’s reign (1274-1276), he chose a recluse life. He was hailed as one of The Four Ci-poem Masters in Late Song Dynasty.


蒋JIANG捷Jie(号style name竹山zhushan—bamboo hill)
《虞美人》To the Tune of “The Beautiful Lady Yu”
少young 年year 听listen 雨rain 歌song 楼storied building 上on
红red 烛candle 昏muddle 罗gauze 帐bed-curtain
壮advancing 年year 听listen 雨rain 客guest 舟boat 中in
江river 阔wide 云cloud 低low
断broken 雁wild goose 叫shout 西west 风wind

而but 今now 听listen 雨rain 僧monk 庐cottage 下down
鬓temple hair/sideburns 已already 星星star 也alas
悲sad 欢happy 离separate 合unite 总always 无without 情emotion
一任let/allow 阶step 前front 点drip 滴drop 到to 天day 明bright

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