Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fan Jinghua: A Haunted Pastoral

    A Haunted Pastoral

A katydid is chirping, and intriguing us into a hide-and-seek game
Its offstage show stops at approaching steps and it’s seen only as a flight

I once had a peep of its vigilant look when it was absorbed in singing
The greenish soft belly fluctuated, so sexily

But a hedge of tiger lilies in bloom before me
Encircles a black iron statue, contours hairy, looming solid

Then a plastic bag, wet and black, suddenly falls from its head
Like a huge bird, its knuckles cracking like a boneless thunder
             Oct. 13, 2007


纺织娘在清鸣 将我们诱入一场迷藏戏
我们走近 她便停止叫场 我们发现的她总是一条逃逸的线

我曾偷窥过一眼 她沉醉歌唱时的警觉姿态
那柔软的绿肚子一起一伏 性感得令人难以自控地想要触摸

围着一尊雕像 在雾中 其毛茸茸的轮廓逐渐显示出黑铁的坚实

然后 一只黑色塑料袋 兜着水 突然从它的头上滑落
像一只鸟 关节发出脆响 从天上栽倒 无骨的雷声

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