Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fan Jinghua: The Queen of Heaven

   The Queen of Heaven

With a sword-like flash of her silvery hairclasp,
the Queen of Heaven cleaves an involuntary moat through the sky,
and half of her land is offered to compensate for the refractory affair:
a contraceptive failure is always a weight to bargain against the heavenly scale.
On her palm is left a numb dent, dark with blood.

This is a queendom: a single mother with seven grown-up daughters,
all immortals. Any daughter’s any impulsive love or one-night stand
is settled with cession of the mother’s land,
plus blasphemy that all the fowls carry on their wings.

You could have kept some pets, like a rabbit
or even amphibians from the order of anura, like a frog or a toad.
As for a man or a child, you may keep that fantasy,
but you should never attempt to keep him in your boudoir.
Remember your blood is blue, and your menses is mother-of-pearl.

Those constellational heroes are born red-blooded, glowing with lust;
they are on guard because they keep eyes on chances,
the eggs of their wisdom is piled on the top of a slope:
when the eggs are bloated hard, the pile will collapse quick,
but being deflated and saggy is their inbuilt fear.

No need to bind our feet or cinch our waist.
We stand knee-deep in clouds, squeezing thighs and arms
like in the mud, and don’t give a fuck about a ferry or a U-boat.
We will fly in the liquid of night from one night to another
like jellyfish, brainless, with nervous systems for light and odor.

What we can improve is our instinct to avoid danger,
and our embrace for life is for the prey.
Being slow, we need lethal toxins to sustain our own lives.
If they solidify into pearls, then you may string them together
to make a necklace or even a G-string.

The mirror walls along the boundary double our motherland,
and I will never allow them usurped for opening boutiques.
Oh, look, the rainbow is letting down a drawbridge
for an annual carnival. Girls, let’s get ready for a parade,
and we’ll catwalk to the moat for some water play.
              August 18, 2007

Note: The seventh day of the seventh month in lunar calendar (August
19, 2007) is Chinese Lover’s Day, as the folklore says that Vega
the Weaving Maiden Fairy (the youngest daughter of Her Majesty
the Queen of Heaven) and Altair the mortal oxherd would meet
for their once-in-a-year date on the bridge of magpies over the Milky
Way. The folklore says that The Queen of Heaven uses her hair clasp
to cleave a Silvery River (The Milky Way) to prevent the Oxherd from
catching up with them, and thus the two were forever separated.










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