Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fan Jinghua: A Moment of Eternity

  A Moment of Eternity
        [To Someone]
A moment is a rubber band, and by moment only,
Many moments are stretched, tense and translucent,
Superimposing themselves over time,
While space is tightened and thickened, between us.

On the stretches of the sand that girdle a South Pacific island,
Small washed-away flowers of pale orange
Float back to reclaim the existential equilibrium
Between claw-prints and wave-teeth.

Yes, birds from Siberia come and go
Fluttering the same pairs of wings.
Who would be so bored as to discern the color difference
Between the tail-wind and head-wind flight?

Only you and I are still hoping to set our bare feet
On the vibrating chest of the ocean, asking for a tune.
             Feb. 28, 2010

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