Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fan Jinghua: Ariadne’s Mindscape

  Ariadne’s Mindscape

This walnut boat winding through twists and turns is a pair of lips half-open
Wind irrigating the gorge tucks their call close to the ripples around the stern
Like a draught over the mirror evaporating the moisture on the lips in the depth
Whose will after it wedges through the gaping gate becomes erect and unstoppable
I crouch in the bilge and look upward the strip of sky between two precipitous cliffs
Rushes me with a glare of blue a solitary pine standing on the top like a legendary lady
Waiting for her lover stretches out a thousand hands titillating the bellyband of the sky dome
On the shady wall dwarf jujubes hold their dark silhouettes perfectly still

My keel is grown into my front when I sail it rips through a gullet of frigid liquid
Like a surfing kite plowing the still water into the Milky Way clouds
But on my tailbone the water-skiing reins are tied unleashing infectious fishy droplets
Over my father’s labyrinth polis an enceinte crisscrossing with streams and mountains
You are the motorboat dashing into my father’s womb like a giant sperm
And in the boudoir I crouch and become the bilge because I am sea-sick all the time

转过九曲十八弯 我的小木船 是一对半启的唇
风 自峡口灌入 将一声呼唤紧压在船尾的水面
它的意志坚挺 挤入微开的门后 一往无前
我蹲伏在船心 翘首 悬崖夹紧的一线天
泻下炫目的悠远 一棵松树伫立在崖顶 
撑开一千只手搔弄蓝天 犹如传说中的期盼
背阴的崖壁上 几株低矮的野枣树撑持着剪影

剖开一汪阴冷的液体 我长在腹下的龙骨 
像一只冲浪的风筝 将止水犁出银河中的云朵
而我的尾骨却系着滑水的缰绳 身后飘着水珠
于是我父亲的迷宫之城腥味弥漫 这山水阡陌的王国
你驾着摩托艇 像一只精虫冲进我父亲的子宫
深闺中的我 因为晕船而蹲伏成船心 自始至终


This poem was written after my memory about a tour in Lesser Three Gorges a few years ago. The Chinese version was published in Taiwan Poetry (Forum No 2, 2006). For me, this poem is about the stereo-type power relation between Father-hero and daughter.


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