Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fan Jinghua: No Hold

    No Hold

A black cat squats, congenial, like a small temple
Propped up on the Doric column of its foreleg.
Upon washing its fae, it raises the paw,
And an invisible LCD before my eyes is touched.
I look around and see a wall displaying a tropical landscape,
White clouds in the azure sky above green seas
Lined with gracefully arched coconut trees,
The wind from a TV commercial flaring up your long hair
And your frontal silhouette contoured by the blue flowered dress.
This sight is more than real and I can put my hands into it,
But I can hold nothing, no matter how hard or light I grasp.
The cat sits in the midair, beckoning, while you walk
In slow motion on the beach, without any translocation.
These words of mine are still too concrete to blow in the wind.
               March, 2008

一只黑猫蹲坐着 和善的 像一座小神庙 拄着
一条前腿 当另一只洗过脸的爪子提起来

我环顾 四周围着热带海岛的风景——
碧海青天白云 椰子树平行的优美弧线

真切的 在我眼前 伸手可以插入却只能空握
那只猫坐在半空中招手 你走在沙滩的慢镜头中始终没有移位
而我这些字都太实了 无法在风中飘

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